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ASC Inclusion

"...seen an improvement in his social skills, he sits and chats with other members of the class about common interests..."


"...he has improved his focus and contribution towards lessons and has shown a greater level of self-control..."


"...attended the Lego® workshop this term and as a result he is much calmer in class, he is co-operating more fully with his classmates and is more focused..."

"The ASC Inclusion facilitators had lots of time and patience ..."

School Programmes

"...she has grown so much with her confidence during the sessions which has impacted positivly in class..."


"...A very professional approach, facilitators  were approachable and extreamly friendly. Thanks for the support..."


"..Lego® therapay offers him an alternative way of learning that engages him. This is not something he could access in the classroom.."




Outreach Programme

Training Sessions

What the Kids Think!

"...Thank god for people like yousrelves, I can honestly say my lad feels totaly at ease with you, and feels he is treated like a person and not a condition or a number..and I will never be able to thank you enough.."


"...He feels so relaxed and comfortable when here and he's only been a few times, he can't wait for his next sesion either, and you know '******' has never been like that about anything..."


“...Very knowledgeable about Autism...”

Parent of 9 Yr old, Crosby


“...Training was delivered in an informative and interesting way...”

‘SLT’, Liverpool


“...Kept it interesting and thoroughly enjoyed the day..Especially the practical elements...”

TA, Liverpool


“...I will definitely use some of the strategies I learnt today in my class room...”

Teacher, Widnes



"...It's Brilliant...I Love Everything In Lego Club.."


"...My Lego team is really good at solving problems..."


“...I really like coming and being with MY friends...”


"...Lego Club is the best part of my week..."