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Lego® based therapy programmes

'Alone' or 'Alone together'


Gormley's 'another place' exhibition can be thought of as a visual representation of living with ASC.  Each individual can feel isolated and alone, but in reality they are part of a group. Autists and their families can feel isolated and alone, but they are not, we need to help individuals connect. Lego social skills clubs can be a great way of building pathways to help young people build those relationships.

why social skills


In School Programmes

Our Lego® based therapy programme is devised as a progressive system, focusing on children achieving specific, targeted objectives and goals. We carry out initial evaluations of the children and assess the progress throughout, finaly upon completioin of the programme an overview report is compliled and presented to the school.


Programme packages are available in -

ASC Inclusion also offers a range of Bolt-On support such as, training packages that can be accessed by schools to help staff develop a greater understanding of Autism and to promote a more inclusive atmosphear in the school.


Bolt-Ons include -

To book an appointment with a member of our Autism Communication Strategies Team contact-

0151 792 6530

ASC Inclusion deliver community Lego® based therapy programmes and social skills groups that can be accessed directly.

(no diagnis needed).


  • Do you want your child to.

  • Make new friends?

  • Develop and practie positive social skills?

  • Improve their confidence and self-esteem?


Lego® based therapy or Lego social skills group may be the answer!





In School Bolt-Ons

Out Reach Programmes

To book an appointment with a member of our Outreach Team contact: :0151 792 6530 Upcoming social skills group starting in Kensington, L7 contact to be put onto the list


Intensive Lego® based therapy-


The Intensive Lego® based therapy sesssions are ideal for children with high anxiety who need extra support to encourage them to develop and practice social and language skill, emotional intelligence and to build their confidence and self esteem. Sessions are delivered 1:1 or 1:2 and is individually tailored with specific focused goals and targets.


South Liverpool weekday evenings - Session price £20 per session - For application contact:

Lego® based therapy-

Programmes are deivered in 12 session blocks. The Lego® based therapy programmes encourage children who struggle in large groups. proven to reduce anxiety and increase social interaction. Sesssions are delivered in small groups of between 6 - 9  Therapists use individualised plans for each child to achieve specific targeted goals, whist prooting postive, effective social skills.


South Liverpool weekday evenings - Session price £13.75 per session - For application contact:

Intergrated group play- Social skills group.

These group guided play sessions are a fantastic opportunity for children to develop and practice great skill. deliverd in larger groups. Trainined facilitators will encourage children to use and develop postive socil skills. It is important to note that though these session use many Lego® based therapy principals, they are NOT Lego® based therapy programmes


South Liverpool Saturday - Session price £7.50 per session - For application contact: