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Susan Fletcher BSc (Hons) Co-Founder and Director of Autism Communication Stategies. -  Susan has been an advocate for vulnerable individuals working in the community as Social policy coordinator for the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). with a back ground in Psychology Susan also has extensive experience in research and a comprehensive understanding of social skill intervention programmes.  Susan not only has academic understanding but also has over 15 years personal experience of Autistic Spectrum Conditions, as the Mother of a child on the spectrum and firmly believes that with appropriate support, every child can reach and achieve their full potential. Formal qualification/training include: BSc Hons)  Psychology (BPA accredited), Health/Social Care, Understanding Communication, Level 3 T&EA/PTLLS, LEGO Therapy/Training, NSPCC Safeguarding, ASD Communication strategies and ADHD Skills building training.

Emran Ali, BA. Co-Founder and Director of outreach programmes and Training co-ordinator - Emran has worked in the care sector for many years advocating for people with special needs. His professional and academic understanding of SENs is bolstered by his personal experience of raising a son with complex needs. Emran believes wholeheartedly in the idea that early intervention, education and support are vital to help children reach their full potential. Since graduating Emran has continued to train and develop his understanding of the needs of children on the spectrum. Formal qualifications/training include: (BA Hons) Philosophy Theology & Ethics, Level 3 Award in Education and Training, NSPCC Child Protection & safeguarding, ASD communication strategies and ADHD skills building.

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Audrey Macklin BA (Hons), MA, CCETSW- Consultant/Specialist Advisor in child protection and safeguarding policies - Audrey is a proud mum with 3 adult sons and a growing number of grandchildren, she is a qualified social worker and currently works within a fostering team for a local authority. Since graduating Audrey has worked in Children’s services, including Child Protection and Fostering and Adoption services working within the legal framework and guidance alongside local authority policies and procedures.  Audrey has worked with many children within the Local Authority care system, who have Autism and are on the Autistic Spectrum and has liaised closely within the multi agency framework, with schools and education, police and health professionals, families and carers to ensure that every child is afforded the opportunity to achieve to their true potential. Through family and 18 years professional experience Audrey understands that there are many aspects of risk for children in particular as they are unaware of potential danger, and are often unable to express their distress if they are hurt or unhappy.  

*Audrey is a respected and valued member of the team and we are extremely grateful for her time and advice which she so kindly donates.


ASC Inclusion is a Non profit communinty organisation, the aim of ASC Inclusion is to help children reach their full potential. We work with children, families and other professionals to promote inclusion and the idea that-

'Inclusion is Acceptance, not Just Awaress'.


Falling through the gaps


Some children can feel like they have no hope

Alone and lonely

Not ‘disabled’ enough for help, not ‘abled’ enough to cope.


But with some patience and support

Not filling them with pills

We can help them develop some great life skills.


Misunderstood and dismissed as troublesome

The world can be scary for a child on the spectrum.


We give them the chance to lose all the labels

That makes people think their wild.

Naughty, stubborn, spoilt....all mean nothing

When the only label that counts is child.


At ASC Inclusion, we guard the gaps

We let kids know they are not alone and give them hope

We teach them the skills that will help them cope.

The team

ASC Inclusion also relies on our wonderful volunteers

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If you would like to volunteer for ASC Inclusion, please call- 0151 792 6530

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